How do I get PR traction without spending?

How do I get PR traction without spending?

1. Give your PR work the best chance of success with a well-planned campaign

2. Use free tools to make your PR materials – this will save you time and money

3. Choose a niche that is relevant to your company’s industry

4. Know what makes for good content, including an exciting headline, high-quality images/video, and optimized text formatting

5. Learn how to use social media effectively by understanding the platforms’ strengths and weaknesses

6. When it comes down to it, don’t be afraid to ask for help from others in the industry who have experience with PR campaigns. It’s Time to Get Serious About Your PR Strategy.

Even if you don’t have much cash for PR, you can still do many things to get and keep the media’s attention. Here are some tools and tactics that will save you time — and might land your company on the front page!

Here are the top 9 tools for making your PR materials.

1. Canva is a free graphic design tool that provides professional design options, pre-made templates, and fonts from Shutterstock to create images with text, logos, photos, shapes and more. Templates can be customized using the drag and drop feature or by adding your pictures. In addition, here’s a link to its free online PR tools.

2. Google Docs, Sheets and Slides are free word processing, spreadsheet and presentation applications from the search engine giant that can be used instead of Microsoft Word or Excel. With these programs, you have access to multiple people via collaborative editing in real-time, as well as fonts and graphics that you can edit and share easily.

3. Dropbox is a file hosting service that provides cloud storage, personal and business accounts. It’s free to join, with 2GB of space for free and paid plans available for upgrades. It’s easy to use as it integrates with all your devices, including your phone (Android or iPhone), tablet, computer and even TV. You can create a DropBox account here or find out more about its free tools for content marketers.

4. Scribble Live is an intuitive social media publishing platform that allows you to manage all your social profiles in one place. The cloud-based system helps you schedule posts, monitor analytics and track the performance of your social media campaigns. Scribble Live also offers free templates, which include labels for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

5. Hootsuite is a social media and content marketing platform that helps you manage your entire social media presence all in one place. It allows you to schedule posts, track analytics, collaborate with teams, and measure the impact of campaigns. Here’s a link to its free online PR tools.

6. RSS Graffiti is a free automated news release “spray painter” that induces your company’s press releases to online RSS news feeds. It allows journalists to find out about new content without remembering to check for updates on your website. Here’s a link

7. Email automation software allows you to send automatic email responses to your customers based on their past actions; for example, someone downloads a whitepaper from your website, you can automatically send them an email thanking them and asking if they have any questions. It’s easy to set up email automation, and it saves you time by doing the follow-up work for you.

8. Google Alerts is a free tool that notifies you when your website is mentioned in online news outlets. It’s easy to create an alert; you can choose how often to be alerted and what kinds of results to search for: new content, changes in existing content or comments on the site. For example, if someone mentions your company’s name across multiple locations, Google Alerts will send you an email with a summary of the mention. You can set up alerts here.

9. Calling All Writers! is an independent blog with free PR and marketing advice from industry experts. The aim is to share valuable resources and tools for public relations practitioners, bloggers, writers, and entertainment marketers and provide a forum to ask questions about careers in these fields. Here’s a link to its page.