What is content marketing, and how does it work?

What is content marketing, and how does it work?

Content marketing is the practice of building trust, generating exposure and leads and converting prospects to customers. Regular engagement with your audience will lead them to like you more, share your content more often, link out to you more often when mentioning a topic in their article or blog post.

Contact methods, for example, are – email campaigns from websites such as Aweber that offer free courses on how to grow and maintain an email list; info produced by companies via YouTube channels like Vlogbrothers; tweets from as many company profiles with Twitter accounts as possible. This generates awareness across social media platforms which increases the visibility of the business using this method.

Content provides various opportunities for businesses online that can all be described using terms that start with the letter ‘C’. Content marketing is used to: create, curate, and perform.  You want to be making the content that people are looking for by using tools like BuzzSumo; this helps you see what type of content performs well in your industry, and then you can adapt it with your unique take on it.

You can also curate the content you create by using social media to share your favourite articles and other business’s best content; and then perform and promote through all of the different channels available, including social media platforms, email marketing via an autoresponder service like MailChimp, blogging platform WordPress etc. Content Marketing is also used to create a community that helps each other out in a proactive way.

Content marketing is all about finding solutions and strategies for your business online through being consistent and persistent.  You need to understand that it’s not easy, but if you start practising, it will get easier as you go along. Some tools and methods of content marketing are making/video blogs like Google’s Youtube channel, writing blogs and articles on the WordPress platform, taking photos for your business and using sites like Instagram to host them, creating a podcast that has regular listeners.

Content marketing is also about finding solutions to problems in your industry or niche by using tools such as BuzzSumo, which rank top performing content from around the web. You can then create your unique spin on the content to make it relevant and valuable for customers searching online – known as creating ‘evergreen’ content.

Content marketing is about taking a free/cheap course from sites like Udemy or Coursera; there are hundreds of these available to expand your knowledge of how social media works and how you can make it work for you.

This free/cheap content found on the web is a bit like steroids if used correctly; they are entirely legal and safe to consume but will get you results much faster than trying to do things naturally.  I use BuzzSumo frequently to look at top content that has been posted around related topics to what I’m going to be posting on my blogs and social media profiles

I’ll also use Youtube, The AppSumo site, and sites like Digital Point Forums to look at the top questions in my industry that customers are asking.  This is looking at what problems people have that your business may be able to help them with.  I found so much information on sending out Google Signals to my company’s email marketing database, which helped me get results from the method very quickly compared to learning at a slower pace.

I used this free/cheap content to create and curate content online for almost nine months consistently before I started seeing any results. I put out a minimum of 1 blog post per day, 3-4 YouTube videos (where possible) per week and had more than 200 articles written on my main topic within my niche.

This free/cheap content provided me with the foundation to get results much faster than learning from scratch or only using methods that would have cost me much money to learn and practise on. So many people are too scared to make mistakes, but you shouldn’t be – the faster you break through whatever you’re doing by making mistakes, the quicker you’ll get results.